December 30, 2016

Hardwood Charcoal

One of our product is Hardwood Charcoal (Tamarind). We produce this goods about 200 to 500 tons every month. We made cooperation with many local farmers and we reprocess in our storehouse so we can occupy your order. We have more than 3 years experience producing and exporting Good Quality Hardwood Charcoal with good price. Hardwood Charcoal can be used for BBQ. We also produce briquette by customer request.

  1. Calories : > 700
  2. Size : > 5cm Random Size
  3. Package : 20Kg / 25Kg by order
  4. Material : Hardwood
  5. Raw Material :  Tamarind
  6. Place of Origin : Central Java Indonesia
  7. Type : Black Charcoal

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